2 bottles Liver Care - Lycopene 5mg 100s

Capwork Laboratory Inc.
2 bottles Liver Care - Lycopene 5mg 100s
Capwork Laboratory Inc. - Brightens the skin and protects it from UV damage. Body cannot convert lycopene into Vitamin A, hence it is solely used for anti-oxidant protection. Npn: 80017458 and made In Canada. Ingredients: lycopene solanum lycopersicum - fresh fruit 5mg Other Ingredients: corn oil, take 2 softgels twice per day, glycerin, gelatin, yellow beeswax Directions: For adults, soybean oil, preferably with a meal.
Expiry date: 12 months y7from purchased date A powerful anti-oxidant which helps fight against free radical damage. Beneficial for the health if various body functions.
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